Energy Boost Crystal Healing Therapy

Energy Boost

According to the old age levels, so many health weaknesses, body failures, body pains, are arise in each and  every human beans body,, to eradicate those severe health issues and maintain mental relaxation, and proper physical power in our human body, we like to introduce very valuable crystal point use doing pressure point massage and herbal treatments, these treatments exactly help to update body energy levels and  orginal health.

This traditional anciciend crystal healing therapy was discovered by Sri Lankan physicians. For those treatments, we are using a unique traditional healing therapy system.By using these treatments will help to rebalance the human body, and to update mind and body power too


What is Crystal Energy Healing?

Crystal energy healing, often referred to as crystal therapy or crystal healing, is a form of alternative medicine that harnesses the energies of gemstones and crystals to harmonize the human body’s energy field.

This therapy is based on the belief that crystals, with their specific frequencies and vibrations, can interact with the body’s energy field or chakras to support healing, promote wellness, and bring about balance. While skeptics might dismiss the practice as pseudoscience, many proponents and practitioners swear by the effectiveness of crystal healing.

Benefits of Crystal Energy Healing:

Treatment Include

  • Healing crystal
  • Hearbal oil Body Massage
  • Head Massage

Therapy Duration : 60 minutes and more (depends on individual circumstances)

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