Crystal Healing chakra Balancing

Crystal Healing chakra Balancing

Since king rawness period the Sri Lankan ancient tribes found pressing pressure points and to stimulate the body and mind to maintain its Perfect balance to cure severe nervous diseases, and to recover various failures, Also to control severe body pains.

These crystals for pain can align your chakras, shift energy blocks, and bring bright healing vibrations to shake out aches and pains. They can encourage your body to become stronger in its own art of rejuvenation. They help you to rest easy, bring balance to your nervous system, and soothe tightly wound muscles and emotional tensions too. For those who want to take another path when it comes to pain relief, these essential gemstones are your spiritual SOS.

Chakra Balance

Chakra  Massage is a deeply relaxing treatment that aims to energize and balance all the chakras while using a variety of beneficial healing techniques in a single session.

I believe many of our health issues are deeply rooted in our emotions. When we can’t OR are unable to shift energy blockages, our entire health and well being is compromised. With this special treatment you will experience a rejuvenating massage with the use of specific essential oils.  I will be channeling Reiki to shift energy and remove negative, low vibration blockages,  as well as, sound therapy. You will also experience Crystal Healing whereby unique crystals for your needs that day will be placed on and around your body.

Chakras are energy centers in the body

Treatment Include

  • Healing crystal
  • Hearbal oil Body Massage
  • Head Massage

Therapy Duration : 120 minutes and more (depends on individual circumstances)

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